ioPay x dApps Co-promotions Program

The program provides an exclusive exposure channel for all participating dApps, through the display of exclusive banners and promotion links, etc., to drive traffic to dApps from ioPay and vice versa.

The following download link is an example of how the co-promotions version of ioPay appears for one of our ecosystem projects called StarCrazy:

Note: Currently only Android is supported for the co-promotions download links.


We will provide an exclusive promotion link for co-promotion projects.

Promotion link - Co-promotion projects can provide/show this link to users. Users who download ioPay via this link will see the exclusive UI of your dApps in ioPay (explained further below):

  • Exclusive entrance at the top of the ioPay home page. Users can quickly enter the dApp through this banner.

  • Set the co-promotion dApp as the first dApp in the Hot dApps section of the browser page

  • Default to display the co-promotion dApp’s tokens on the wallet homepage after users download ioPay via the link. (Coming soon)

Data Kanban

We support the co-promotion projects inquiry link clicks and downloads, and the number of visits of users entering the dApp via the homepage banner.

How do dApps join the ioPay co-promotion program?

If your dApp is not listed on ioPay yet, please:

If your dApp is listed on ioPay,

And we will provide an exclusive download link (Google Play) to your team.

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