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Product overview

ioPay is a crypto wallet that allows users to store and send crypto assets, including IOTX, ETH, BNB and other crypto assets. Users can explore DApps here ——DeFi, different games, NFTs, marketplaces. IoTeX has greatly enhanced the security and usability of the wallet, ioPay is decentralized wallet for all crypto investors.

ioPay is a multi-chain crypto wallet. It supports the following networks by default.

  1. IoTeX

  2. Ethereum

  3. BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain)

  4. Polygon

More chains will be added. Vote for the chains you would like ioPay to add here: https://feedback.iopay.me/

Users can add their networks by using a MetaMask compatible API:

On IoTeX network, both Web3 and Antenna (the native blockchain API) are supported. IoTeX Staking is via Antenna and the other blockchain interactions are via Web3 interface.

To learn more about IoTeX Web3 support, please read here.

To learn more about IoTeX Antenna support, please read here.

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